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55 / Words

The sound of a word in the English language, uttered aloud, or said silently, often gives the word an added fascination.Whether single syllable, or polysyllabic, some words have an almost irresistible allure.Who can fail to succumb to the seductive sound of ‘silk’.Repeat it over to yourself.I’m not talking about onomatopoeia (sound echoing the sense of the word.Like ‘buzz’ or ‘whack)’, nor how fitting the word appears to its conceptual meaning.But about the luxurious beauty in itself of the sound - ‘silk’. Soft and strong. Or try ‘sesquipedalian’. It means ‘long winded’.It’s impossible to say the word without noticing its pompous rhythm.
Some words, on the other hand, are just plain ugly. A word selected by Oxford Dictionaries as the 2017 word of the year is ‘youthquake’.What an abomination of a word!It’s defined as “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people”.It recognises the impact thatthe millennial generation has had …

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